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Oct 18

My view on Occupy Wall Street

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Over the past few weeks, I have been formulating an opinion on Occupy Wall Street, and all of its spinoffs across the nation.  Do I like it?  Do I despise it?

I am not protesting in Zucchini Park or Liberty Park or whatever it is called.  I am not making signs complaining to banks.  I am not branding myself as one of “The 99%” or “The 1%”.  I see friends who have been part of the protest, and others who have spoken against it.  Some of the signs have been cool, and the photos of the Jewish High Holy Day services look pretty.  A big part of Occupy Wall Street’s success has been that it’s trendy.  Yet that doesn’t make it the right (or wrong) thing to do.

Yes, I get that on paper, the banks and government have created financial hardships for the average American families and individuals that did not exist prior to my 30-something years on the planet.  And I get that it doesn’t have to be this way, but I also believe that Robin Hooding is not the solution.

The truth that I subscribe to is not starting a new war, but acknowledging that we have abundance.  Everything we need to live and thrive is at our disposal.  It’s not being held hostage by the banks.  If you’re sick of the banks, and the high interest rates and the refusal to offer credit that reasonable to your income, there are other options.  One of them is to start your own bank.

NYC might be the financial capital of the world, but it is also the home to great entrepreneurs.  Instead of declaring yourself as a victim to the banks and Wall Street, start a business.  There are great places like New Work City and General Assembly where you can meet people and take affordable priced classes in your quest to become a leader.  There are websites like Kickstarter which allow people to raise money for their dream projects.  Even better, there are websites and businesses that don’t exist yet because you haven’t created them yet.

My invitation to you is to stop protesting and start creating.