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Nov 17

Three reasons for (one of) MY MLB Wild Card plan(s).

Recap, I would have the Wild Card be decided by a one game playoff.  The two participants would be the 2nd place finishers of the divisions that did NOT produce the Wild Card winner the previous season.

(I also have posted another plan splitting each league into two divisions, each with their own Wild Card.  However, since Houston looks like they’re moving to the AL, three division play looks like it will stay)

Hypothetically, the AL East and NL Central would not be eligible for the 2012 Wild Card since teams from their divisions won it last year.

1. It would give a rooting interest to every fan of those two divisions.  Let’s say that the two AL Wild card participants would be the Yankees and Twins.  Fans of EVERY team in both the AL East and AL Central (including the division winners) would have a vested interest in that game, since it will affect their club’s playoff potential for the following year.

2. It would lead to a change in GM strategy, including an increase in deadline deals.  Since 1/3 of the teams would not be playing for a wild card, it would give GMs in those two divisions incentive to dump players at the July and August deadlines, that they otherwise wouldn’t give away in slight chances of winning the division or Wild Card.  Also, in the offseason, GMs would build teams differently if they knew that they were not eligible for the Wild Card that year, choosing instead to rebuild.

3. It would give more teams a chance to win.  In the first 17 years of the Wild Card, the winner came from the AL East 13 times.  By only having the ability to win the Wild Card every other year, it would allow more teams to be involved.