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Feb 28

MLB 2011 iPhone App: Not for all iPhones

I am saddened that the At Bat application, which I had on my iPhone for the past two seasons, is not compatible with that same exact phone this year.  It provides radio broadcasts of every baseball game, along with video and other goodies.

Yet this year, it won’t work on my phone.  And it is not cool.

Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) has been genius in making their application only good for one baseball season.  Every year, they come up with a new application, and people buy it.  The current price is $15 for the season, but I’d be willing to pay $30.  It’s worth it.

Yet, they won’t sell it to me, on my existing equipment, because it is only for iOS 4.

Me and my iPhone
I got my iPhone on Saturday, December 6, 2008.  After years of free Nokias and Motorola phones, it was time for this Apple fanboy to get an iPhone.

I got the newest, biggest one on the market at the time, a 16 gig iPhone 3G.  And I loved it, and I still do. 

Apple continues to upgrade
A little more than two years later, two new iPhone models have come out.  The top of the line phone now is the 32 gig iPhone 4. Since 2007, Apple has released a new iPhone model every June.

Additionally, there have been two updates to the phone’s Operating System.  The iPhone OS 2 that was on my 3G was replaced by iOS 3 in 2009 and iOS 4 in 2010.  Just like Mac or Windows computers, iPhones are optimized for the OS that comes on it, and adding a newer OS can slow down the phone and, in some cases, make it useless.

I added iOS 3 when it came out, with much appreciated features like cut and paste, but chose to pass on upgrading to iOS 4, after hearing nightmare reports of usability.

Sure, I’d like a new iPhone, but my 2008 model remains in good shape.  The earliest I would consider replacing it is this summer when Apple expects to unveil their fifth version of the iPhone (unofficially being called the iPhone 5).

MLB Responds
I brought my disappointment to the social media channels.  I posted on Facebook and Twitter, Quora, amongst other places.  I even tweeted personal contacts at MLB, to find someone, anyone, to listen to me, and maybe, MAYBE, release a special version of At Bat 11 for iOS 3.

And yes, I got a response.  I posted on the wall for the Facebook page for At Bat, which had not been updated since 2008.  You can see the correspondence here:’m glad that they answered, but it is very disappointing that my iPhone cannot get the MLB At Bat iPhone app.